Monday, 29 November 2010

SWP-enabled SIM cards

SWP support is slowly becoming more widespread among mobile phone vendors, but there are almost no NFC-enabled SWP UICCs to be found. Gemalto has come up with their own SWP&NFC UICC prototype for a pilot study in Singapore. Note that WatchData (SIMPass) and Bladox (Waver) have been doing similar product development but without the SWP functionality. In fact, WatchData argues that SWP is overrated and unattractive for handset vendors.

I think Bladox will be - for the near future - a better choice than Gemalto from the viewpoint of small startups who are looking to source NFC-enabled SIM cards.

Edit 2011-01-05:
On Track Innovations now also offers an NFC-enabled SIM+antenna. No other information e.g. SWP support.

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